As the demand for our services escalated, we realised that we should keep up with technology

and late in 2011 decided to invest in a CNC machine.

The first CNC, a Biesse Rover 3 Axis, was delivered in March 2012. 

Due to the practicality and convenience of a CNC ,for the reasons listed below, we invested on a Biese Klever Nesting CNC which was delivered in July 2015. Various CAD programs were also purchased to ensure that both CNC machines are utilized to their full capacity.

We have a number of clients for which we machine Components thereby fully utilizing the machine time and capabilities. All our furniture Components and Boards are cut and drilled, on the CNC machines.

Why we chose to invest in CNC machines:

•    Machining accuracy.
•    Time efficiency
•    Safe to operate.
•    Number of operators required to operate a machine are reduced.
•    Less possibility of human error.
•    Reliability.
•    Complex designing.

•    Broader possibilities.
•    Low maintenance.







Machinery and capacity

Biesse Rover A 1332

With the possibility of strong suction, clamping and horizontal drilling, this particular CNC machine is used for machining solid wood, assembling machining for stand alone units, cupboards, flat pack units and the like.

  • Bed sizes 3000mm x 1300

  • 11kW Spindle

  • 16 Magazine tool changer

  • Vertical & Horizontal drilling


Biesse Klever 1836 G FT

This flat bed nesting machine is used to machine full sheets of material such as MDF, Melamine, Plywood, composites, phenolic materials and Plastic. 

  • Large Bed size 3880mm x 1880mm

  • Full bed suction

  • 11kW Spindle

  • 8 Magazine tool slots

  • Vertical drilling


Laser 120W

The Laser is mostly utilized for engraving furniture items such as doors and cutting designs in perspex  MDF ply and and various other materials. 

  • Bed size 1200 x 900

  • Engraving 

  • Cutting Perspex <10mm

  • Ply < 6mm

  • MDF  < 9mm



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